Associate Members

We offer Associate Membership to organizations who seek to share data and investigate means of enhanced collaboration. The organization must support our objectives and commitment towards enhancing life on Earth by providing knowledge and leadership that delivers solutions for science, society and industry.

For more information contact Jessica Stigant, Associate Director Government Relations & Partnerships.

List of Associate Members


As a campus of Memorial University of Newfoundland , the Fisheries and Marine Institute is Canada’s most comprehensive centre for education, training, applied research and industrial support for the ocean industries.


The European Multidisciplinary Seafloor and water column Observatory (EMSO) aims to explore the oceans, to gain a better understanding of phenomena happening within and below them, and to explain the critical role that these phenomena play in the broader Earth systems.



Dalhousie University is proudly located in Halifax, Nova Scotia which is ranked one of the friendliest cities in the world. Founded in 1818, Dalhousie is one of Canada’s oldest universities, attracting more than 18,800 students from around the world. The university blends transformative academic programs with pioneering research on Canada’s East Coast.