ONC Staff Profile

Jasper Kanes

Jr. Staff Scientist, Passive Acoustics, Science Services

Jasper joined the Science Services team in October of 2018. Prior to this, and throughout their Bachelor of Science degree in Biology at the University of Victoria, Jasper worked as a research assistant with several BC-based cetacean research organizations and in various capacities at ONC focusing on acoustic data.  These experiences led them to develop an appreciation for passive acoustic research methods as a way to both study at-risk species non-intrusively, and study offshore species that are otherwise difficult to observe. Prior to joining the Sciences Services team, Jasper completed a Master of Science degree at the University of Victoria focusing on patterns in Pacific white-sided dolphin communication at Barkley Canyon.

In their free time Jasper is a jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none with more hobbies than they know what to do with. From gaming to climbing and circus to books, Jasper can usually be found engaging in the hobbies of the moment and you can be sure they’ll be on to something else next month.



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