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Opportunities for Philanthropy. Background photo of a jellyfish. Credit: CSSF/Ocean Networks Canada

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Ocean Networks Canada provides essential data for addressing ocean issues related to the health of and the resources within our oceans. The innovative cabled NEPTUNE and VENUS observatories are an important Canadian investment and unique on the global stage. To fully explore the potential of these world-leading observatories, we have launched a three-year endeavour to enable Ocean Networks Canada to surpass even our current global leadership position. Our technologies enable new discoveries – connecting researchers, teachers, students and the public with the ocean and provide opportunities for you to become one of our growing group of citizen scientists. These new endeavours necessitate Ocean Networks Canada’s call for secure and unhindered support, the essential link between our innovators and donors in the pursuit of ocean discovery. Your support causes a powerful ripple effect that generates the ideas, builds know-how, develops new tools that allow us to stay focused on our global leadership position. Please join us on our journeys of ocean discovery.

Your Support Makes Waves Around the World

Ocean Networks Canada is taking ocean research in an entirely new direction by allowing users from around the world easy access to real-time, continuous data for free. One of the largest hurdles scientists face when collecting data is the extreme conditions their instruments experience 3 km below the surface. We also require continuous, long-term data to understand how our ocean is changing as climate change progresses.

By supporting Ocean Networks Canada you are:

  • investing in one of the world’s leading edge research facilities
  • providing training and support for future generations of ocean scientists, engineers and technicians
  • sustaining the development of new and innovative technologies for the world’s most advanced cabled ocean observatories
  • enabling researchers around the globe to tackle some of the biggest questions and challenges facing our planet today.

By joining us, we can continue to explore and discover the Ocean together.

Philanthropic support allows Ocean Networks Canada to further crucial ocean discoveries. Every gift made is leveraged through matching Federal support and reaches deeper.

This beautiful octopus (Graneledone boreopacifica) and crawling holothuriod (sea cucumber) were observed by ROPOS during cable route surveys between Endeavour Node and the north Regional Circulation Mooring (RCM) instrument platform at Endeavour Ridge, 20 September 2010.

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Support for Ocean Networks Canada can be received through the secure University of Victoria website.

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Please make a cheque out to Ocean Networks Canada and mail it to:

Ocean Networks Canada
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University of Victoria
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Contact Jessica Stigant – Development Office, Ocean Networks Canada
​Phone number (250) 472-5365