Apps & Services

Ocean Networks Canada gives you open access to terabytes of data and a unique suite of software tools to work with our data and further your research. 

Mobile Data

Thumbnail image of two mobile apps for iPhone and Android.Latest readings shown on this page are also available via our free mobile apps for Apple and Android. You can get live readings from most of the sensors connected to our network.

Data Access

Thumbnail image of a data plot.This website provides open access to our large and growing data archive. Visit Oceans 3.0 for links to tools that let you search, browse, preview, plot and download data in a wide variety of formats.

API (Application Programming Interface)

Thumbnail image of a schematic.The Oceans 3.0 API provides a collection of web services for programmatically unlocking access to the vast ONC data archive. Use Discovery Services to find the data and Delivery Services to retrieve data.

​Data Processing

Thumbnail image of various data file formatsIf you don't find the data product you're looking for, we may be able to help you create it (contact us with your request).

Instrument Info

Thumbnail image of an oxygen optode.Hundreds of scientific instruments and sensors are connected to our observatories. You can check current status and browse, discuss and find documentation in our Instruments Info.

Remote Control

Thumbnail image of a camera lens.Some instruments, such as our seafloor video cameras can be remote-controlled through the web. If you would like to operate a camera for your research, let us know!

​Installation Videos

SeaTube thumbnailOur seafloor instruments are installed and maintained by remotely operated vehicles during semi-annual expeditions. Watch streaming video of our installation dives in SeaTube, which also shows recorded videos from our seafloor video cameras.