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There have been many recent improvements to ONC's Oceans 3.0 data portal (opens in a new window) First, users can access a variety of tools without an Oceans 3.0 account. Second, a new Data Preview application has been created to highlight data from currently deployed instruments across locations in the Arctic, Pacific, and Atlantic observatories. Third, new products and data partners have been added and will continue to expand our collection of ocean, climate, and geophysical data. 

Existing Oceans 3.0 users

If you already have an Oceans 3.0 account, you can continue to log in to access personalized content such as:

  • Search history
  • Personal annotations
  • Saved plots
  • Personal preferences for viewing and annotating data, devices, and videos
  • Web services
  • Access to device and topology details, working groups wiki and network status reports.

Data Preview

The Data Preview tool is now the default page for Oceans 3.0. Data preview from currently deployed instruments are easily viewed by previous day and month. In some cases a State of the Environment plot shows the key sensors over all time.

Current restrictions:

  • Only searchable by location (“Instruments by Location”)
  • Devices and sensors which are currently in the water (with some limitations)
  • Limited to Daily and Monthly previews

Data Search

Data Search lets you find and download data from our large and ever-expanding archive from Ocean Networks Canada and our data partners.

Data Sources

Ocean Networks Data data are collected by 4 observatories:

  1. VENUS in the Salish Sea (Including the Strait of Georgia and Saanich Inlet)
  2. NEPTUNE in the Northeast Pacific (Including Barkley Canyon, Cascadia Basin, Clayoquot Slope, Endearvour and Folger Passage)
  3. Arctic observatory in Nunavut (Including Cambridge Bay community observatory and ice profilers between Peel Sound - Queen Maud Gulf)
  4. FORCE observatory in the Bay of Fundy

Additional Tools