State of the Ocean

Our permanent installations on the observatories include core oceanographic sensors for monitoring seawater properties. The most important oceanographic properties include:

  • seawater temperature
  • salinity (the amount of dissolved salts)
  • pressure (a measure of the weight of water above the sensor)
  • seawater density (a function of temperature, salinity, and pressure).

At many locations we also measure the amount of dissolved oxygen in the seawater. These seawater properties are measured at regular intervals on a continuous basis and inform us on the state of the ocean. Variations in the seawater properties are caused by many factors including atmospheric heating and cooling, precipitation, and for dissolved oxygen, gas exchange with the atmosphere and biological respiration.

State of the Ocean Plots

Listed below are some standard time series plots generated on a daily basis to reveal the state of the ocean at each site.

Ocean Networks Canada installations on Canada's Pacific coast.
Ocean Networks Canada's VENUS observatory in the Salish Sea and NEPTUNE observatorie off the west coast of Vancouver Island. (Click to enlarge.)