Bringing the World's Oceans to You

The Ocean Networks Canada Innovation Centre brings benefits and solutions from Canada’s $200M investment in ocean cabled observatory technology to industry and government. We are the world leader in this technology and are committed to helping you design and build reliable and robust Smart Ocean Systems customized for your mission and environment.

The Innovation Centre’s suite of products include:

  • Remote Sensor Systems
  • Observatory Infrastructure – Hardware systems
  • Digital Infrastructure (sensor command & control, data acquisition/storage/visualization and accessibility to a potentially global audience)
  • Data Analytics and Modeling

These products, together with our consulting and support services, make up our Smart OceanTM Systems portfolio. We bring these products and services to you by teaming ONC’s scientists, engineers and architects; with our Canadian and international industry partners; and with you, our clients. Whether your needs are for science research, resource management, or alert/warning systems, we are committed to helping design and build your Smart OceanTM Systems.

Learn more about:

  1. Who we are, our success stories, and how to Contact Us.
  2. Our Smart Ocean Systems products and services, and how we can help you.
  3. Our Partners and Networks and how you can become involved.

Demonstration of optical fibre splicing during the NEPTUNE launch event, July 2009.