Global Partnerships

A Global Market for Smart Ocean Systems

The global Smart Ocean™ Systems market was approximately $200M in 2009, but it is projected to grow to several billion by 2020, driven largely by the fact that other jurisdictions are building similar infrastructure to ONC’s observatory.

As with ONC, many of these new observatories will serve research purposes, but many are also being built to support other monitoring activities, in particular relating to the development of oil and gas and other resources in coastal areas, but also relating to the defence and transportation sectors, as well as public safety (i.e. development of early warning systems for tsunamis and earthquakes).

Value of Global Partnerships

Given the status of ONC as the leading cabled observatory in the world, the Centre, in collaboration with its well established Industry Network, is uniquely positioned to support organizations worldwide as they recognize and respond to the unprecedented creation of opportunities for commercialization, public engagement and critical policy generation.

As the leading organization worldwide for advice and guidance in the development and delivery of Smart Ocean™ Systems to regional and international markets, our services span the full project life cycle from inception through to implementation and operational support.

The Centre brings a proven and market-ready set of the required components, as well as a wealth of expertise and experience, which are compelling factors in terms of risk, overall project cost-effectiveness and long-term reliability.  In recognition however of the need by many countries to support domestic economic development, the Centre and its Industry Network also provide flexible opportunities for local participation and enablement.

Combined together, we are able to provide the maximum value for any organization’s significant investment in their own Smart Ocean™ Systems solution.

Current Global Partners

By establishing relationships with regional markets worldwide through Centre-lead trade missions and identifying emerging international programs, we are actively engaging with organizations worldwide.

The Centre has established partnerships with several international organizations, including:


Canada-Brazil Ocean Technology Working Group

Canada and Brazil are large maritime nations with long coastlines, robust marine economies and significant industrial activity offshore. Both countries also have abundant natural resources including major assets in their waters.

Both have growing networks in academia, research institutions, industry and government, and both are developing clusters of advanced marine technology companies. All these factors point to a strong foundation for an enhanced level of research and development collaboration.

In 2011 the two nations established the Canada-Brazil Ocean Technology Working Group, one of four bilateral strategic priority areas that report to a Joint Committee for Cooperation on Science, Technology and Innovation.

Within the theme of Ocean Technology, Brazil and Canada are actively working together to foster bilateral collaboration in both the academic, industry and education sectors.

For more information on the proceedings in this strategic ocean partnerships, please see Brazil-Canada


Centre Activities

The Centre has established partnership agreements through MOUs, contracts and collaborations with Brazil, China, UK, Spain, Turkey, Korea, and Italy.

Regionally, the Centre has also created the Ocean Technology Alliance of Canada (OTAC), a national organization representing a broad spectrum of 192 Canadian manufacturers and other organizations from many parts of the country, providing an important vehicle for cross-industry discussions of trends, priorities and new opportunities in ocean technology.

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