Industry Network


Our well-established Industry Network of national and international ocean technology and education partners plays a critical role in all of our engagements.

As such we are committed to establishing relationships with the best ocean observing technology, education, research, services, and solution providers to ensure success for the Smart Ocean™ Systems we manage at ONC and for the ones we implement for customers worldwide.

Together as partners, we fulfill key market objectives to drive new business, establish a competitive advantage, and create demonstrable business value.

For a list of Industry Network members, Affiliates and Education Collaborators, please see our Industry Directory

Industry Network Benefits

Enablement & Acceleration

We help enable and accelerate our industry partners by:

  • Providing access to our own in-house experts and extensive facilities (including both our Technology Accelerator Program and operational observatories) to facilitate the development and advancement of your ocean technologies.
  • Actively engaging other members of our industry network and academic partnerships on your behalf, encouraging member interaction to establish synergies and collaboration
  • Providing a broad range of advice, guidance and services in support of R&D activities, for both industry as well as academia.
  • Actively sponsoring networking and training events for marine science graduate students and industry, providing industry exposure to students, and placement or recruitment opportunities of top talent for industry.

This successful program has had a demonstrable effect on participating partner’s economic growth and expansion into new and existing markets.

Implementation Opportunities

As leaders in the emerging cabled ocean observatory market, we are the first point of contact by organizations considering their own Smart Ocean™ Systems implementations.

In accordance with specific customer’s requirements, we typically provide direct services related to:

  • Initiation phase decision support services (Feasibility studies, Cost Benefit Analysis, Funding Proposal Support, etc.)
  • Observatory Planning services
  • Provision of digital infrastructure (Oceans 3.0) related to the acquisition, storage, visualization and access of the ensuing diverse and potentially vast amounts of data, as well as instrumentation command & Control, and observatory infrastructure monitoring.

Not only do our industry partners provide a prominent supporting role for the above activities, they also have the significant opportunity to supply all the core services and components related to the implementation and ongoing support of the observatory backbone and instrumentation platforms.

Government Support

Through our organization, our Industry Network enjoys the support of:

Government of British Columbia

The Ministry of International Trade provides funding for the Centre to lead specific initiatives to stimulate economic growth of the BC ocean tech sector.  These initiatives include workshops and trade missions with a focus on the Centre’s expertise of ocean observing.

Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (DFAIT)

Provides support for Centre led initiatives of Ocean Technology Alliance Canada (OTAC).  Centre staff serve on the national ocean technology advisory board and a Canada-Brazil Ocean Technology working group.

Government of Canada

The Centre has close ties to several other Canadian federal government departments and agencies, including:

  • Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO)
  • Natural Resources Canada (NRCan)
  • Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development (AAND)
  • Industry Canada
  • Hertzberg Institute of Astrophysics (NRC-HIA)
  • Institute for Ocean Technology (NRC-IOT)


Membership Details

Affiliates and Education Collaborators

In addition to our Industry Network membership program, we have a number of affiliates and education collaborators:

  • In conjunction with our affiliates, we are actively helping to promote and foster the development of ocean observing technologies (including sensors and infrastructure) and related services nationally and internationally.
  • Our Learning and Engagement team is heavily involved working with other organizations and groups to create engaging and educational ocean science experiences, whether in classrooms or science centres. Some of their previous activities have included:
    • Co-hosted high school ocean science symposiums
    • Developed a series of video vignettes profiling the latest advances in research and technology associated with the ONC installations
    • Produced learning modules on a variety oceanographic subjects to be used by middle school teachers and students.


Join Us

If you are interested in participating with our Industry Network, Affiliates or Education Collaborators, please Contact Us.