Students in Industry

Students in Industry

A vital component of our Smart Ocean™ Systems initiatives centers around the active encouragement of undergrad and graduate students within marine sciences and engineering, promoting innovation of new ocean observing research and technologies, and the eventual placement of students within research organizations or industry as they launch their careers.

The Ocean Networks Canada Innovation Centre receives requests for educational guidance and potential employment from Canadian and international students contemplating careers in ocean science and engineering. We also receive requests from industry looking for students with specific skill sets.  Providing appropriate introductions is an easy service to provide with potentially long lasting benefits to our industry.

We also actively sponsor networking and training events for marine science graduate students and industry, providing industry exposure to students and vice versa.

Benefits to the Ocean Industry

The Ocean Networks Canada Innovation Centre co-op support of ocean sciences and engineering for our industry partners includes sponsoring coop work terms at ONC and facilitating coop work terms at our industry partners.  In both cases the objective is to help both the ocean industry and the students.  Towards this end, our coop initiatives focus on projects that will provide value to the industry such as:

  • testing to prove a product meets its specifications (product validation)
  • testing to improve ocean products (engineering development)
  • research supprting new techniques and applications of products (expanding markets, and providing market exposure)

As a result, the students working with the Innovation Centre aquire skills and expertise directly applicable to our industry partners.  Typically these students receive several industry offers before leaving.

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