Smart Ocean™ Systems

Until now our window into the world’s oceans have been very small. Monitoring technology has been constrained by the duration of research vessel expeditions, favorable weather and/or the duration of battery life for instruments and sensors. At best this gave us narrow, periodic snapshots of events under the sea. Short-term events such as landslides, volcanic eruptions, small earthquakes, or sudden changes could rarely be detected or monitored. Research projects were conducted by individuals or teams isolated from each other with individual or group funding.

Smart Ocean™ Systems are a paradigm shift in how science and ocean monitoring is conducted. They address the limitation of conventional technologies to allow continuous year-round, sub-second observations with dozens of measurement types, accessible through the Internet to any audience. New research and products can be designed, tested and operated using the assets of this $200M facility and can be monitored by researchers, industry and users anywhere in the world.

Schematic diagram of Smart Ocean Systems products and services.

What are Smart Ocean™ Systems?

Smart Ocean™ Systems are:

  1. Advanced Ocean Sensor and Instrument Technologies that capture data such as temperature, current, CO2 levels, seismometer readings, and acoustic and video recordings.  The Innovation Centre provides expert engineering support for industry development and demonstration of these new technologies. Read more.
  2. Ocean Observation System technologies including:
    1. Ocean Observing Technology hardware infrastructure including undersea high-voltage and fibre-optic cable, connection nodes, high-bandwidth communications, robust servers and storage.  Our services include feasibility, design and implementation consulting as well as ongoing maintenance and support. Read more.
    2. Oceans 3.0, our digital infrastructure and data management systems for sensor interfacing, data capture, storage and archiving, manipulation and annotation, and internet presentation.  We provide custom design services, hosting, and support. Read more.
  3. Ocean Analytics is an exciting new way to distill and exploit the vast amount of data that is now available from new cabled observatories.  It is under development and initially designed for modeling of short term high-impact events such as earthquakes and tsunamis.  It can also be applied to a multitude of different decision support applications that use large amounts of data and require complex calculations.


There are a wide variety of applications for Smart Ocean™ Systems including:

  • Core scientific research
  • Government strategic and tactical policy definition
  • Major marine industry markets including:
    • Environmental monitoring
    • Ocean renewable energy
    • Security
    • Transportation
    • Fisheries and aquaculture
    • Marine recreation

New cabled observatory technology provides ubiquitous internet access to high quality data on ocean events and processes.  The Innovation Centre’s Smart Ocean™ Systems  are demonstrably cost/effective, reduce your risk and increase speed to implementation. To learn more about how Smart Ocean™ Systems can give you an enduring and continuous view into your ocean environment Contact Us.