Ocean Observing Systems

Smart Ocean Systems

Our proven Smart Ocean™ Systems represent a portfolio of technologies comprising:

  • Sensor Systems
  • Observatory Infrastructure – Hardware systems
  • Digital Infrastructure (sensor command & control, data acquisition/ storage/ visualization and accessibility to a potentially global audience)
  • Analytics and Modeling

Together these systems provide a layering of tools for informed decision-making, planning and response on complex marine, environmental and public safety issues.  As the pioneering organization in this emerging field, we are the acknowledged worldwide leaders in providing this vital portfolio of technologies to the global community.

Capital costs for ocean observing systems can be significant, requiring extended planning, decision and funding timeframes.  Our extensive experience with successfully established observatories such as NEPTUNE and VENUS and other ventures worldwide allows us to bring immediate value to projects large and small, from initial feasibility through design, installation, and ongoing operation/sustainment.

Whether the requirement is for a turnkey system utilizing a proven and flexible product set, or for custom services to take advantage of our wealth of expertise and experience (either in a lead role, or to augment your own organization’s resources), we can confidently increase your project’s cost-effectiveness and long-term reliability, while at the same time reducing overall time to delivery.  Extending this capability with our unparalleled access to leading research organizations, industry, and partner networks worldwide makes for a compelling contribution to any business case.

Planning Your Observatory

We are the leading organization worldwide for advice and guidance in the development of new research systems using the cabled observatory approach, and offer a broad range of observatory planning services, including:

  • Decision support services related to the technical and market feasibility of new products and service offerings, including Feasibility studies, cost benefit analysis, funding proposal support
  • Design and testing assistance/facilities to improve new product viability in the marketplace
  • Identification of key industry partners who can assist with all aspects of delivering successful observatory initiatives worldwide

Our proven methodologies, technologies and intellectual capital can provide your project with the following advantages that can be readily demonstrated:

  • Reduced risk
  • Reduced initial and ongoing costs
  • Greater long-term savings and cost-effectiveness
  • Increased reliability
  • Reduced time to operational delivery

With access to our own in-house experts and an extensive, well-established network of industry and academic partners, we are able to provide an unparalleled level of capability to assist with all aspects of your observatory project, whether it’s a major observatory initiative like NEPTUNE, a small standalone “community observatory” like Cambridge Bay, or an innovative new design to specifically meet your unique requirements.


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