Sensors and Instruments

Sensors and instruments are Smart Ocean™ Systems windows into the ocean world. The Innovation Centre supports a test bed for new sensors and establishes a reliability track record for larger ocean observatory installations. Sensors and instruments that have been developed and trialed on the Ocean Networks Canada network have become de facto industry standards, and clients with new observatory programs can benefit with lower risk, speed and cost from technology that has been pretested and preconfigured.

Develop, Test, Demonstrate Your Products

The ONC Innovation Centre maintains a technology acceleration program. The purpose of the acceleration program is to facilitate the advancement of ocean technologies by demonstrating the technology on one of three cabled observing system networks. With thousands of online users globally and internet connectivity, these facilities provide an ideal online marketing tool for showcasing the product to potential customers and the general ocean community.

Thumbnail images of OTTB (left), an ODI connector on NEPTUNE, and the Venus buoy profiling system

The subsea facilities include:

  • VENUS Observatory
  • NEPTUNE Observatory
  • Ocean Technology Test Bed
  • Arctic Community Observatory

Selection of the appropriate host facility will depend on the nature of the test or demonstration, synergies with the host facility, and availability of host facility assets.

Download the Technology Demonstration Brochure (pdf 865 kb)

Technology Demonstration Process

A typical technology demonstration would include:

  • objectives and test plan generation
  • verification of specifications and baseline data collection in the Innovation Centre lab
  • deployment and testing on the host facility for 6 months to 1 year
  • post deployment laboratory testing in the Innovation Centre lab
  • publishing the test results

The test plan will be developed in consultation with the manufacturer. During and after the deployment phase of the demonstration the data will be made available (with the manufacturer’s permission) via the data website of the host observatory. No material, including test results, will be published without the manufacturer’s permission. Innovation Centre staff will work with the manufacturer and Ocean Networks Canada staff to provide ship and Remotely Operated Vehicle time for the deployment and to generate observatory drivers for the manufacturer's instrumentation.

Case Studies: 

Link to instrument connection info page

Technology Demonstration access is provided to the Ocean Networks Canada Innovation Centre Ocean Technology Industry Network members and partners.


Ocean Networks Canada is a not-for-profit society and must cover the operating costs of the Technology Demonstration Facility in the long run.  Accordingly the Ocean Networks Canada Innovation Centre requires the manufacturer to agree to one of the following renumeration methods:

  • Industry Network membership and payment of a set fee based on the estimated cost of the technology demonstration,
  • Industry Network membership and a 5% royalty on the sales of the demonstrated product for a period of 10 years, or
  • Industry Network Partnership