Technology Demos

AML Oceanographic UV Antifouling System 

The AML Oceanographic Ultra Violet Biofouling uses UV light to prevent the formation of biofilms on surfaces. If the biofilm is prevented biofouling will not occur on the surface. 

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Strait of Georgia Underwater Listening Station

The underwater listening station is a feasibility project to measure vessel underwater radiated noise, ambient underwater noise and vocalizing marine mammal abundance. The technology is funded by the Port of Vancouver and Transport Canada, with in-kind contributions from Jasco Applied Sciences and Ocean Networks Canada. The technology is based on the AMAR Observer and AMAR Projector hardware and utilizes JASCO’s Spectroplotter and JMesh software to analyze the data.
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National Oceanographic Technology Center of China CTD

The National Oceanographic Technoloy Center of China has developed a new CTD for the country’s ocean observing systems. Reliability testing is being conducted on the VENUS buoy profiling system.


Naval Research Lab Microbial Fuel Cell

The US naval Research Lab conducted a successful 2 month test of a microbial fuel cell at the Barkley Canyon Hydrates site during the summer of 2015.