Citizen Science

What is Citizen Science?

Citizen science involves volunteers—who may not have scientific training—partnering with scientists to answer real-world questions.

Who can participate?

Anyone can be a citizen scientist for Ocean Networks Canada. To help us study the oceans you can:

What projects have we been doing?

Digital Fishers

 Help Explore Our Oceans

Through Digital Fishers, Citizen scientists have helped researchers do things like:

  • Investigate trawling impacts on deep-sea ecosystems
  • Tune automated sablefish detection algorithms
  • Map seafloor geology
  • Plan a future seafloor installation.


Our Coastbuster app for smart phones has been reporting large, unusual and potentially hazardous marine debris, especially items that may have swept into the sea by Japan's devastating March 2011 tsunami.

Coastbuster Mobile Reporting of Marine Debris

Camera Watching

People around the world have been watching our live underwater video cameras, and they have been noticing unusual creatures and events. In January 2013, a 14-yr old in the Ukraine spotted a Hagfish-Slurping Elephant Seal, which was a first for the scientific community. Everyone is welcome to watch our video feeds and let us know what unusual observations they make.