For Undergrads & Grads

This page provides an overview of Ocean Networks Canada resources, events, and opportunities of interest to undergraduates and graduate students. For more, see our post-secondary teaching resources and the Learning Blog.


Data collected by Ocean Networks Canada are available online, free of charge to students, researchers, educators, and the general public (see Data Policy). In addition to standerd oceanographic data, video and hydrophone recordings and other more complex data are also available. To access data go to Data & Tools. For video and hydrophone recordings, visit the Sights & Sounds page. Ocean Networks Canada data are also featured in some of our post-secondary teaching resources.

Workshops and Tutorials

Workshops held on the UVic campus featuring Ocean Networks Canada data are open to graduate students, undergrads, UVic staff, and others. These workshops are part of a series organized by Ocean Networks Canada in cooperation with Ecostats which is part of Ecology@UVic, a group of researchers at the University of Victoria. Using the software applications R and Matlab, the workshop series aims to introduce graduate students, undergrads, faculty, and professionals outside academia to Ocean Networks Canada data. The workshops also promote the development of skills that are valuable for school, research, and employment in fields related to the ocean sciences. For online resources using Ocean Networks Canada data, there is also a series of online tutorials.

Networking Opportunities

Students can connect with both professionals and other students across Canada. At the University of Victoria you can join the Ocean Students Society (OSS) for professional development and networking opportunities, and for discussions with guest speakers who share their experiences in careers related to the ocean; you can also participate in the Forage Fish program. To find out more and get involved, visit the OSS website.

To connect with students across Canada who are passionate about the ocean you can join the Canadian Ocean Awareness Student Network (COAStNet). COAStNet is a network of students from across Canada and in a range of disciplines. COAStNet's goal is to unite Canadian students into one voice for our oceans.

Power Up is a networking and training event put on by Ocean Networks Canada that connects students with people working in marine science and technology.

Get Involved

There are a number of ways to get involved with Ocean Networks Canada. Co-op students have helped with projects including developing post-secondary resources, working on the television and transmedia project Ocean Alive!, blogging on our website, and have participated in conferences. We have had student teachers from the University of British Columbia complete their informal practicums with us. They learned about public education in an informal setting and developed resources for K-12 classrooms. We are also excited to offer student volunteer positions with our Learning and Engagement team. If you are passionate about ocean science and want to get involved email Dave Riddell, Post-Secondary Education Coodinator, to find out how to become a volunteer.