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Whether you’re a school teacher or a university or college instructor, our growing resource of activities, lessons, and labs offers many pathways to introduce and explore different themes and concepts of ocean science to your students.

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Ocean Alive!

Watch the first episode of Ocean Alive!, Ocean Networks Canada's television show, and learn from ocean scientists as they introduce us to exotic black smokers rising from the mid-ocean ridge, describe how earthquakes and tsunamis may impact our coastline, and explain how human-caused noise could be affecting many animals who live in the seas—especially whales. 

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Oceanography 101

Dive into the depths of marine science and technology with our oceanography glossary! Learn about the various ocean properties that are being studied to better understand this unique ecosystem; the extreme environments and unworldly creatures that call the ocean home; the amazing technology that is being used to study and help scientists better understand the ocean; and the biological, chemical, physical and geographical  threats that are impacting the global ocean. 

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About the Observatories

Ocean Networks Canada's deep sea laboratories in the Northeast Pacific, Salish Sea and the Arctic are helping humans increase their knowledge of marine ecosystems and ocean processes through real-time data coming straight from the seafloor. Discover what is happing in the ocean through underwater tools like cameras, hydrophones, water property sensors and remotely-operated instruments.

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Student Reports

University and college students in Canada and around the world use Ocean Networks Canada data and instrumentation in their research, with some authoring articles for online journals. Here we feature student articles published in Oceans First, an academic journal for first-year university students at Dalhousie University.

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Research Ideas

Are you a university or college student interested in using Ocean Networks Canada data in your research but not sure where to start? Check out the listings on the Research Ideas page for current undergraduate and postgraduate study opportunities.

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Sights and Sounds

Dolphin Jumping

Discover the sights and sounds of the sea.

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Discover the undersea observatories by exploring our selection of detailed maps.

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