Learning at Home

Launched during spring 2020 when schools were closed due to COVID-19, this web page includes resources to connect classes and families to the big blue: the ocean! This page will be updated periodically with new activities, labs, instructional videos and webinars. View additional Educator Resources.


K-12 Resources

Find information and registration links for your classroom or your family learning at home. Have fun with hands-on activities designed for K-12 students that can be easily facilitated by parents or teachers. The activities contain data and/or video footage from ONC observatories and aligns with the B.C. Curriculum Content. 

Visit the K-12 Resources page.

Post-Secondary Resources

Explore laboratory exercises for a post-secondary audience that contain ONC data and footage.

Visit the Post-Secondary Resources page.

Lifelong Learner and Citizen Scientist Resources

Here are some ideas so that you can further engage with our #knowtheocean community. Become a citizen scientist by analyzing deep-sea videos using our Digital Fishers on-line game, or challenge yourself and learn how to search Ocean Networks Canada's wealth of ocean data and video archive.

Visit the Lifelong Learner and Citizen Scientist Resources page.

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