Ocean Networks Canada Webinar Series

Ocean Networks Canada Fall Webinar Series

Join Ocean Networks Canada for a series of six interactive bi-weekly webinars starting Wednesday, 7 October 2020, 11am Pacific Time. Learn about earthquake preparedness, ONC’s fall at-sea expeditions; small-scale fisheries; coastal community observatories; afro-descendent and Indigenous communities’ connections to the ocean, marine mammals, and much more.


Date Time Speaker Title Registration
October 7 11:00am PDT Teron Moore ShakeOut, Don’t Freak Out: Earthquake Risk, Preparedness and Response Watch recording
October 21 11:00am PDT Pieter Romer Meaningful Indigenous Engagement: Building True Partnerships in Ocean Science Watch recording
November 4 11:00am PDT Luisa Sarmiento Cultural Resilience: How Cultural Traditions can Contribute to Sustainable Livelihoods in South America Watch recording
November 18 11:00am PDT Meghan Paulson Wiring the Abyss: ONC's Fall Expedition Season (working title) Watch recording
December 2 11:00am PDT Mauricio Carrasquilla The Importance of Community Observatories for Coastal Ecological Studies Watch recording
December 16 11:00am PDT Jasper Kanes The Impacts of Underwater Noise on Marine Life Watch recording


Ocean Networks Canada Summer Webinar Series

Date Time Speaker Title Registration
June 10 11:00am PDT Maia Hoeberechts Northern Communities on the Front Lines of Ocean change  
June 24 11:00am PDT Martin Scherwath Powerful Earthquakes and Tsunamis — and How To Tackle Them Watch recording
July 8 11:00am PDT Dwight Owens Hot, Sour, Breathless: Oceans Under Stress Watch recording
July 22 11:00am PDT Joe Needoba Introduction to Argo Profiling Floats for Climate and Marine Ecosystem Research Watch recording
August 5 11:00am PDT Kate Moran Understanding Climate Change: Lessons from Deep Time Watch recording
August 19 11:00am PDT Richard Dewey Shipping Noise and Reductions During COVID-19 Watch recording