Ocean Alive!

Ocean Alive Premiere

Ocean Networks Canada's new television show premiered on Shaw TV (Victoria) April 19/20/21, 2014.

Our blue planet is over 70% covered in water—should it not be called Ocean instead of Earth, as sci-fi pioneer Arthur C. Clarke once suggested?  

In the first episode of Ocean Alive! ocean scientists introduce us to exotic black smokers rising from the mid-ocean ridge, describe how earthquakes and tsunamis may impact our coastline and explain how human-caused noise could be affecting many animals who live in the seas—especially whales. 

Not to be missed: Dr. Kate Moran tells how observatory technology is being used to help BC's coastal communities.

Educator Resources

Our Educator Resources page has a wide range of supportive learning materials—after watching Ocean Alive! check out our learning resources on tsunamis and the marine soundscape.

You can also access each of the themes discussed in this episode as separate videos in the Ocean Alive! playlist.


Many amazing people are responsible for contributing to Ocean Alive and deserve a big thank-you.
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