Research Ideas

The following table lists Research Ideas you might be interested in pursuing. Use the search and filter tools to find ideas by keyword, grade level or topic. Click a title to see an overview and download documents and other materials.

Title Project Statement Level Topics
Video summarization to facilitate browsing of a large database of underwater videos

Using innovative computer vision techniques, create a single still image which is a mosaic of all the organisms visible in a full-length underwater video.

Doctorate, Masters Computer Science, Benthic Ecology
Benthic Community Development

Environmental Controls of Benthic Community Development on Ridge Flanks

Masters Hydrothermal vents
Seafloor characteristics in shallow and deep seas

How stable is the seafloor boundary layer over time?

Honours, Undergraduate oceanography, climate change
Storm impacts and seafloor compliance

What effects have storms on the compliant seafloor?

Doctorate, Masters Geophysics