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February 26 | Victoria News
Rare footage shows sea pig swimming in depths off Vancouver Island

February 17 | AAAS EurekAlert
Global Library of Underwater Biological Sounds, “GLUBS,” will help monitor changing marine life

February 15 | University Affairs
University partnership exploring ‘rock solid’ solution to climate change

January 28 | Cosmos Magazine
Is this the world’s weirdest telescope?

January 21 | UVic News
Ocean of beauty and discovery

January 21 | Victoria News
Victoria-based ocean agency picks up real-time tsunami data after Tonga volcano eruption

January 17 | CBC On The Island with Gregor Craigie
Tsunami advisory- we heard more about the tsunami on Saturday with the head of Ocean Networks Canada

January 12 | Toronto Star
Coastal carbon capture project aims to sink emissions in ocean floor and turn them to stone

January 10 | National Observer
An ocean of optimism to trap emissions


December 30 | Saanich News
Going blue in 2022: Greater Victoria positioned to make waves in blue economy: advocates

December 13 | CHEK NEWS
Road to Recovery: How a Victoria company became the first carbon neutral whale watching business in Canada

December 10 | EOS
Faults in Oceanic Crust Contribute to Slow Seismic Waves

December 7 | WHOI Oceanus
An ocean of opportunity

November 25 | L’actualité
Le climat sauvé par les mers?

November 3 | The Martlet
Solid Carbon Project confirms scale of feasibility of storing CO₂ in ocean basalt on a gigatron scale

October 10 | CBC News
Indigenous knowledge the cornerstone of new tsunami modelling for Vancouver Island's northwest coast

September 26 | Times Colonist
Deep storage: UVic leads plan to pump carbon into rock under sea floor off Island

September 14 | CTV News Vancouver Island
CTV interviews Kate Moran about Solid Carbon

September 14 | UVic News
ONC Artist in Residence debuts “Gossip with Whales”

September 13 | Saanich News
UVic, U-Calgary researchers investigate possibility of CO2 storage in ocean basalt

September 10 | Vancouver Sun
Research project proposes turning CO2 into stone under the sea

September 9 | CHEK News
Project aims to slow down effects of climate change using ocean basalt

September 9 | CBC On the Island Early Edition Vancouver
Interview with Kate Moran

September 8 | UVic News
Gigatons of carbon dioxide able to be stored in ocean basalt

September 3 | Times Colonist
Remotely operated vehicles recovered from seafloor after breaking free

August 12 | Times Colonist
$8.7M boost for UVic's Ocean Networks Canada will help in climate change challenge

August 3 | SubC Imaging
Subsea camera enables remote real-time and long-term monitoring of seafloor as part of ocean observatory initiative

July 24 | Victoria News
Hot shellfish: cooked in overlapping heat and low tides

July 21 | EurekAlert!
Deep-sea research bolstered with $2 million grant

July 20 | Campbell River Mirror
Public invited to learn about Tsunami mapping in SRD

July 7 | 8 Days
Titanic Discoverer Bob Ballard Says Deep Sea Robots Will Let Us Visit Shipwrecks In The Future

July 3 | The Ubyssey
Dialing it down: How noise pollution has changed during the pandemic

June 1 | UNESCO Youtube Channel
First International Ocean Decade Conference (ONC starts at 40:05 min)

April 22 | Radio Canada
Se servir des océans pour lutter contre les gaz à effets de serre?

April 12 | The Tyee
When the Tsunami Comes

April 7 | UVic News
From sea rituals to applied theatre and science

March 18 | The Star Vancouver
Holyrood’s seafloor observatory will give public a look at life underwater

March 17 | The Chronicle Herald
Marine Institute's seafloor observatory tracks, transmits ocean data from Conception Bay in real-time

March 16 | CBC News
An underwater eye: Marine Institute aims to shine light on ocean mysteries

March 15 | National Observer
A North American blue economy powerhouse

March 4 | EOS
Measuring Ambient Ocean Sound During the COVID-19 Pandemic

February 25 | Destination Canada Business Events
Why Canada Is Making Waves in Ocean Sciences

February 10 | CBC Radio One Victoria
Tsunami risk in BC

January 28 | Fisheries and Oceans Canada
Government of Canada invests in national ocean observation system for improved ocean monitoring


December 23 | UVic News
Oceans link to climate change (PDF)

December 13 | CTV News
Company responsible for underwater noise monitoring project hopes to have global impact

December 10 | EIN News
This underwater observatory tracks endangered killer whales and measures noise impacts from shipping vessels

September 23 | CBC
Wildfire smoke is beneficial to B.C.'s coastal waters, oceanographer says

September 21 | Business Examiner
ONC wins Non-Profit of the year at the Victoria Business Awards

September 18 | Physics World
Astronomers plan huge neutrino observatory in the Pacific Ocean

September 8 | Nature Astronomy
The Pacific Ocean Neutrino Experiment

September 2020 | NOAA 50 Years
NOAA 50 Years of Science, Service & Stewardship (ONC on p. 4)

July 24 | Times Colonist
Good vibrations: Noise levels take big drop around globe; Quieter oceans could help recovery of endangered southern resident whales

July 24 | Calgary Sun
GOOD VIBRATIONS: Earth noise dropped drastically after COVID-19

July 23 | National Post
Noise that vibrates Earth dropped drastically after COVID-19 restrictions: study

July 23 | CTV News
Two earthquakes off the West Coast in 6 hours. When will BC get an early warning system?

July 22 | Times Colonist
$29M enables upgrade for UVic ocean network

July 21 | CTV News Vancouver Island
UVic receives more than $29M for ocean research

July 20 | UVic News
Canada’s ocean intelligence gets a boost

July 20 | Campbell River Mirror
Vancouver Island First Nations, regional district to roll out tsunami mapping project

June 28 | CTV News Vancouver
Quiet Salish Sea gives scientists chance to study endangered killer whales

June 28 | Global News
Salish Sea’s endangered killer whales studied amid quietest ocean in ‘3 or 4 decades’

June 28 | CBC News
Quieter seas off B.C. coast give scientists chance to study effects of noise on killer whales

June 20 | The Globe and Mail
Scientists listening for killer whales' return

28 May | DW (Germany)
​Living Planet: What human noise pollution sounds like underwater

27 May | Future Ecologies (Podcast)
Scales of Change: A Field Guide to the Dragons of Climate Inaction - Chapter 2: Technosalvation featuring Kate Moran

27 May | Cybera
​Alberta group models CO2 injection system off the coast of Canada  

May | In the Field
Seeking powerful neutrinos off the coast of British Columbia

13 May | Cybera
Alberta-led project seeks to detect powerful neutrinos off the coast of BC  

12 May | Dal News
Quieter seas: Measuring noise reduction in the ocean during this pandemic

6 May | Global BC News
‘Quieter ocean’ from Covid-19 could be a boon to endangered orcas, says researchers

3 May | Toronto Star
Coronavirus means endangered whales are experiencing a quieter ocean for the first time. Here’s what that sounds like

27 April | The Guardian
Silence is golden for whales as lockdown reduces ocean noise

20 February | Times Colonist Ocean
​Ocean Networks sails into top 100 of $100-million competition

19 February | UVic News
'Solid Carbon' among Top 100 proposals for MacArthur $100M grant

28 January | The Walrus
​The shark research that upended marine conservation

16 January | Victoria News
​Latest Victoria economic plan features new conference centre, downtown tech transformations

7 January | Hakai Magazine
​Marine Protected Areas: May or may not include actual protection

5 January | Victoria Times Colonist
​Ocean scientists look to incorporate First Nations knowledge in research


16 December | UVic News
​Top 10 newsmakers of 2019: Rock-solid climate solution/Methane-snacking crabs

Winter 2019 | Journal of Ocean Technology
FAIR winds and following seas: Ocean data for science, society and industry

Winter 2019 | Journal of Ocean Technology
Building a seafloor observatory to warn of the Big One

12 December | FDi Intelligence
Canada takes a global lead in the blue economy

12 December | FDi Intelligence
Why British Columbia is making waves

12 December | Vancouver Sun
​Northern communities lead the way in understanding climate change impacts

5 December | Vancouver Sun
​Ocean Networks Canada experts to discuss the impact of ocean change on northern communities

November 2019 | Sea Technology Magazine
Indigenous peoples present declaration to ocean-observing community

29 November | Hill Times
​Opinion: In climate change battle, negative-emissions tech not a panacea

22 November | National Marine Educators Association
​Traditional knowledge gains recognition by ocean observing community

17 November |
​Scientists cracked the case of why octopuses of the same species can look totally different

​17 November | Victoria Times Colonist
A rock-solid climate solution for CO2

​14 November | UVic News
A rock-solid solution for CO2

14 November | Nanaimo News Bulletin
​Engineer details B.C.’s earthquake early warning system

6 November | UVic News
​International dignitaries visit UVic for B.C. tour

23 October | Weather Network
​New app provides early earthquake warnings to Californians

8 October | Newsweek
Pacific warty octopuses get wartier the deeper they live and scientists don't know why

8 October | CNN
These octopuses get wartier the deeper they live in the ocean

8 October |
The deeper these octopuses live, the wartier their skin

4 October | Victoria News
Mayors of Victoria and German city of Dortmund meet to talk innovation

27 September | Vancouver Sun
​Turn carbon dioxide from the atmosphere into sub-ocean rock? UVic-based researchers to study it​

27 September | Global BC News
B.C. research team leads effort to turn greenhouse gas emissions into solid rock

​27 September | Victoria Times Colonist
​UVic researchers aim to extract carbon dioxide from atmosphere, turn it to rock

​26 September | The Capital
Carbon dioxide into stone: UVic’s revolutionary plan to reverse climate change

26 September | Victoria News
Local, international researchers work to turn greenhouse gases into rock

​26 September | UVic News
Rock-solid climate solutions: Negative emissions technology

​25 September | CHEK TV News
Climate change altering local shoreline policy on Vancouver Island

20 September | UVic News
Experts on climate change

​20 September | Pique Newsmagazine
Marine heatwave could mean a warmer-than-usual start to winter

​19 September |
Aha Honua Coastal Indigenous Peoples’ Declaration

​16 September |
B.C. tech projects receive $5.6 million from federal government

13 September | Canadian Geographic
Building connections in the Canadian High Arctic 

September 2019 | Sonardyne Baseline Magazine
New Canadian seabed observatory selects ‘Fetch’ for tectonic plate monitoring (page 9) (PDF)

31 August | Victoria Times Colonist
Victoria’s economic plan looks to the future

18 August | Victoria Times Colonist
What we can learn from an itchy shark

11 August |
Ocean science fuels innovation and conferences in Victoria

8 August | Globe and Mail
Underwater volcano expedition off coast of Vancouver Island reveals hidden world

7 August |
Scientists discover ‘Coraltropolis’ in the cold waters of British Columbia

4 August | Victoria Times Colonist
Pacific seamounts expedition gives peek at what lives under the sea

26 July | CTV Vancouver Island
Salmon shark uses 'scratching post' in rare video captured off B.C. coast

22 July | CTV News
Watch as an ocean expedition off B.C.’s coast explores depths of 2,000 metres

22 July | CBC ICI Radio-Canada
Une équipe tente d'élucider les mystères d'un volcan sous-marin géant

17 July | Globe and Mail
B.C. photographic expedition of undersea volcano to capture marine life for potential conservation area

17 July | Victoria Times Colonist
Scientists going deep again to explore undersea mysteries

16 July | CBC News
Canada’s biggest underwater volcano is just off B.C.’s coast — and scientists are finding new species there

16 July | CTV News
‘Brand new to science’: Researchers embark on mission to explore Canada’s largest underwater volcano

16 July | Vancouver Sun
Underwater mountain a trove of undiscovered species

15 July | Victoria News
Researchers head out to explore Canada’s largest underwater volcano

12 July | CTV News
Canada’s largest underwater volcano to be explored in B.C. expedition

12 July | CTV Vancouver Island
4.6-magnitude earthquake hits Seattle area, felt on parts of Vancouver Island

10 July | EMSO ERIC
Cooperative research strategies session on ocean observatories with ONC at AGU

9 July | Nanaimo News Now
‘We’re excited about it:’ Earthquake warning technology put to the test

8 July | Canadian Geographic
How Canada is preparing for the next big earthquake

July 2019 | Environment Coastal & Offshore Magazine
Ocean acoustic observatories to the rescue of marine life (pages 22-25)

27 June | The Narwhal
A deepsea ‘oasis’ is slated to become Canada’s biggest protected area

14 June | Frontiers in Marine Science
The importance of connected ocean monitoring knowledge systems and communities

6 June | Subsea World News
Ocean Dynamics utilizes inspection ROV off Canadian coast

6 June | Hydro International
Saab Seaeye 'Falcon' robotic vehicle flies in Canada’s First Nation waters

May 2019 | Partnership for Observation of the Global Ocean
ONC Arctic sensor technology, coastal youth science ambassadors

29 May | Sonardyne International
Monitoring the restless Earth: Plate tectonic motion

29 May | MyUVicLife student blog
Meet Colton Hash, ONC artist in residence

28 May | World Nuclear News
Ocean studies test waste management materials

15 May | Globe and Mail
A big earthquake near Vancouver is almost inevitable. Are we ready?

6 May | Hill Times
Canada’s research institutions have a clear message: Working together more important than ever

3 May | CFAX Radio
UVic initiative ONC receives $7.2 million boost for ocean observatory science, technology

30 April | Marine Technology News
Canada’s new observatory uses ‘seafloor GPS’

30 April | Sonardyne International
Sonardyne technology chosen for new Canadian seabed observatory

30 April | Victoria Times Colonist
UVic’s Ocean Networks Canada gets $7.2M funding boost

29 April | Vancouver Sun
Ocean Networks Canada gets extra $7.2 million from feds

29 April | Tofino-Ucluelet Westerly News
ONC at Tofino emergency preparedness fair

24 April | Victoria Times Colonist
David Suzuki’s daughter to be key speaker for Girls’ STEM conference

9 April | CFAX Radio
Facts and fun for tsunami preparedness week

8 April | Black Press Digital
Disaster of a movie stokes tsunami preparedness week

6 April | Victoria News
Tsunami preparedness week kicks off

April 2019 | Sonardyne Baseline Magazine
Monitoring the restless Earth, underwater (pages 28-33)

March 2019 | Oceanography Magazine
New frontiers in ocean exploration 2018: Northeast Pacific seamounts, Wiring the Abyss expeditions (pages 42-45)

27 March | Black Press Digital
Coroners use new tool to crack mystery of the floating feet in the Salish Sea

18 March | Global BC News
B.C. looking to buy first hybrid sensors to detect data for earthquake early warning

7 March | CHEK TV News
New ocean observation system helps researchers share data to manage use of oceans

5 March | Boating Industry Canada
B.C. maritime museum, ONC to work together on public outreach

4 March | Weather Network
Earthquake detection technology has come a long way over 18 years; here's proof

3 March | Victoria Times Colonist
Ideafest: What a warmer climate means to you

27 February | CBC News
Methane-munching crabs may be adapting to climate change: report

26 February | Victoria Times Colonist
Maritime Museum of B.C., Ocean Networks Canada in new partnership

26 February | CBC ICI Radio-Canada
Les crabes semblent adapter leur alimentation à l’ère des changements climatiques

26 February | Victoria News
Methane-snacking crabs adaptive to climate change, UVic researchers say

26 February | CHEK TV News
‘Snow crabs’ may be adapting to climate change by feeding on methane: UVic

26 February | Victoria Times Colonist
Methane-munching crabs rock an ocean of notions about what they eat

26 February | CTV News
Methane-eating crabs may be adapting to climate change: study

26 February | Vancouver Sun
Methane-snacking crabs suggest they are adapting to climate change: report

26 February | Global BC News
Snow crabs snacking on methane

26 February | Toronto Star
Methane-snacking crabs suggest they are adapting to climate change

26 February | National Post
Crabs are now eating methane-filled bacteria. This shows they're adapting to climate change, scientists say

26 February | UVic News
Methane-snacking crabs suggest hedge against climate change

25 February | Globe and Mail
Tanner crab gets a lift from a methane seep off the B.C. coast

25 February | Globe and Mail
How flipping crabs revealed a hidden food supply in the ocean ecosystem

25 February | UVic News
UVic’s Ideafest runs March 4-9

21 February | EurekAlerts
Researchers discover a flipping crab feeding on methane seeps

20 February | ScienceDaily
Researchers discover a flipping crab feeding on methane seeps

20 February |
Researchers discover a flipping crab feeding on methane seeps

20 February | Oregon State University
How a flipping crab led researchers to discover that a commercially harvested species feeds at methane seeps

19 February | Frontiers in Marine Science
Flipping for food: The use of a methane seep by Tanner crabs

14 February | India Today
Fact Check: No, this is not the meeting point of Atlantic and Pacific oceans

5 February | International Council for Science
Introducing WDS-ITO associate director Karen Payne

1 February |
Indigenous peoples unite in fight to heal the Salish Sea

January 2019 | Partnership for Observation of the Global Ocean
Cabo Verde declaration on ocean observations

31 January | UVic News
UVic visit deepens connections in Tokyo and Bangkok

22 January | CBC Radio
U.S. government shutdown impacts scientists on this side of border

18 January | Journal of Commerce
UVic making waves with new $9.5-million Ocean-Climate Building

17 January | CFAX Radio
UVic announces federal money to turn former Queenswood property into research hub

11 January | UVic Ring
Queenswood now the Ocean-Climate Building

11 January | CBC ICI Radio-Canada
Nouveau centre sur le climat et les océans à UVic

11 January | Victoria News
Feds pump $3.5M into UVic climate research centre

10 January | Victoria Times Colonist
$9.5M conversion brings new digs for a world of ocean research at UVic

10 January | CHEK TV News
Ottawa commits $12.6 million for researchers to monitor ocean health at UVic

10 January | UVic News
UVic expands oceans, climate research with new campus location

3 January | Eos Earth and Space Science News
Can you explain science using only 1,000 common words?

2 January | CBC ICI Radio-Canada
Tofino: Vivre avec la menace constante d’un tsunami


19 December | IPP Media
Exciting findings on Canada's diverse marine life

17 December | UVic News
Top 10 newsmakers of 2018: ONC partners to explore seamounts

10 December | Science Borealis
Residencies for the science-minded artist

10 December | CBC News North
Satellite imagery illuminates ice conditions around Nunavut communities

5 December | Inter Press Service
Conserving Canada's diverse marine life

December 2018 | BC Shipping News
Maritime security conference highlights challenges, threats, opportunities (pages 52-53)

30 November | Coast Reporter
Marine survival project findings set for release

23 November | Northern View
Researchers on state of warm water blob

8 November | UVic News
New artist residency strengthens connections between art and science

1 November | Victoria News
Minor earthquake recorded off coast of Vancouver Island

22 October | Xinhua News Agency
Three strong earthquakes hit off Canada’s British Columbia coast

22 October | Toronto Star
Three earthquakes recorded off Vancouver Island, but no damage reported

22 October | Globe and Mail
Three strong earthquakes reported in Pacific Ocean off Vancouver Island

22 October | National Post
Three ‘pretty big’ earthquakes reported in Pacific Ocean off Vancouver Island

22 October | CHEK TV News
Cluster quakes off Vancouver Island renews scientists calls for an early detection system

22 October | News 1130 Radio
Three strong, shallow quakes but no tsunami off B.C. coast

22 October | Insurance Business Magazine
ShakeOut 2018 was a record-smashing success: IBC

19 October | Victoria News
City of Victoria chooses not to send Vic-Alert surrounding BC ShakeOut

18 October | Metro Montreal
Un nouveau système d’alerte précoce aux séismes en Colombie-Britannique

18 October | CBC ICI Radio-Canada
Des capteurs sous-marins pour mieux anticiper le Big One

18 October | Globe and Mail
Earthquake early-warning sensors installed off coast of British Columbia

18 October | National Post
Earthquake early-warning sensors installed off coast of British Columbia

18 October | Ottawa Citizen
Earthquake early-warning sensors installed off coast of British Columbia

18 October | Toronto Star
Underwater early warning system provides critical time to prepare for earthquake

18 October | Daily Hive
Canada Line now linked to earthquake early-warning sensors

18 October | CHEK TV News
Vancouver Islanders practice what to do when an earthquake strikes

18 October | CTV News
Earthquake warning tested in simulation

18 October | Weather Network
First earthquake detection of its kind in Canada

18 October | Global BC News
Earthquake early-warning sensors installed off coast of British Columbia

18 October | CHEK TV News
Installation complete of underwater early warning earthquake sensors off Island’s coast

18 October | CBC News
ShakeOut on SkyTrain: B.C. practises what to do when an earthquake strikes

18 October | CBC TV
Early earthquake warning system for B.C. nears completion

18 October | CBC News
Earthquake sensor network aims to give B.C. crucial seconds to prepare for the ‘Big One’

18 October | UVic News
ONC completes installation of earthquake early warning sensors

2 October |
New study quantifies natural flux of methane gas in the northeast Pacific

2 October |
New research shines a light on the importance of submarine canyons

October 2018 | Pacific Yachting Magazine
Ocean Networks Canada launches new citizen scientist project

26 September | Ocean Observatories Initiative
Using sound to unravel how animals change their behavior in complex environments

14 September | UVic Martlet
A conversation with the federal minister of Fisheries and Oceans

12 September | Eos Earth and Space Science News
Successful testing of technique to measure seafloor strain

5 September | UVic News
From the bottom of the ocean, you can sea the stars

2 September | CBC ICI Radio-Canada
Un réseau d’observatoires sous-marins en Colombie-Britannique

27 August | Progress in Oceanography
Bridging the gap between the shallow and deep oceans: The key role of submarine canyons

19 August | Victoria Times Colonist
The secrets of the undersea mountains off B.C.’s coast

15 August | Nature Communications
Distributed natural gas venting offshore along the Cascadia margin

6 August | Marine Technology News
Ocean Networks Canada 'Wiring the Abyss'

3 August |
Deep sea expedition drives home need for seamount protection

31 July | CBC ICI Radio-Canada
Là où l'espace rejoint les abysses

30 July | Sea Technology
Ocean Networks Canada installs neutrino detector in deep Pacific

26 July | MyUVicLife student blog
Adventures of science in the Arctic

25 July | Canadian Geographic
Off B.C. coast, scientists discover extinct volcanoes teem with life

25 July | CBC Radio-Canada International
Scientists discover new species and deep-sea mountains off B.C. coast, call for more protection

25 July | CBC ICI Radio-Canada
Un ‘monde de merveilles’ sous l’océan au large de la Colombie-Britannique

24 July | Scientific Reports
Faunal activity rhythms influencing early community succession of an implanted whale carcass offshore Sagami Bay, Japan

24 July | CBC News
Scientists discover ‘wonderland’ of life on deep-sea mountains off B.C. coast

22 July | Victoria Times Colonist
Vancouver Island is heading west, a few millimetres at a time

19 July | Victoria Times Colonist
‘You want the darkness’: UVic scientists search sea bottom for subatomic particles

18 July | Globe and Mail
Scientists test Canadian waters for large-scale physics experiment

18 July | UVic News
Deep space meets deep sea in summer expedition

18 July | UVic News
ONC’s neutrino observatory site assessment project

13 July |
What does this deep-sea expedition mean for the Haida Nation?

12 July | CNN
‘Ghost particle’ found in Antarctica provides astronomy breakthrough

12 July | CBC News
Haida Nation wants shipping traffic banned from culturally significant underwater volcano

11 July | CTV Vancouver Island
Expedition gives live look at underwater mountains off B.C.’s coast

11 July | Victoria News
Live-streaming ancient undersea volcanoes in HD

10 July | CBC ICI Radio-Canada
Tofino pourrait bâtir une tour contre les tsunamis

10 July | CBC ICI Radio-Canada
Des tours de tsunamis pour sécuriser la population

6 July | CBC Radio-Canada International
Expedition sets sail to study seamounts off British Columbia coast

6 July | CBC News
Underwater volcanoes revealed through live-streamed B.C. research expedition

6 July | Huffington Post
Pacific seamounts expedition to unravel Canada's underwater mountain mysteries

5 July | Toronto Star
Scientists launch expedition to map coral-covered underwater volcanoes

4 July | Ocean Exploration Trust
Surveying three unexplored northeast Pacific seamounts

July 2018 | RBR Global
B.C.’s earthquake early warning offshore sensor deployments completed

July 2018 | WestGrid
Tsunami experience brought to virtual reality

29 June | Open Access Environment News
Oceans heated by volcanic ridges and seamounts

17 June | Victoria Times Colonist
High-tech training for tsunamis

14 June | Northern View
Research expedition to explore underwater volcano

14 June | Haida Gwaii Observer
Research expedition to explore seamounts off Haida Gwaii

11 June | CBC News North
Canadian submarines not part of international Arctic under-ice exercise

9 June | Toronto Star
Canadian ocean organizations team up with Haida Nation for underwater expedition off B.C. coast

8 June | National Post
Four groups join forces to study seamounts near Haida Gwaii in B.C.

8 June | CBC News
Expedition off Haida Gwaii will explore underwater volcanoes — live online

8 June | CTV News
Expedition to study underwater mountains near Haida Gwaii

7 June | Progress in Oceanography
High-frequency observations from deep-sea cabled observatory reveal seasonal overwintering of zooplankton biomass in Barkley Canyon

4 June | Ocean Exploration Trust
2018 Nautilus expedition: Pacific seamounts, offshore observatory with Ocean Networks Canada

28 May | EMSO ERIC
Memorandum of understanding with Ocean Networks Canada

27 May | Diario de Leon
La explotación del mar profundo dispara las alarmas ecológicas

24 May | Field Service Digital
Deep dive maintenance: Field service in ‘The Abyss’

17 May | Black Press Digital
Virtual simulation engages users in the event of a tsunami hitting Port Alberni

15 May | CBC ICI Radio-Canada
Un jeu video de realite virtuelle qui fait vivre les effets d'un tsunami

15 May | Global BC News
Virtual reality tsunami technology

15 May | CBC ICI Radio-Canada
Le sommet BCTech et les alertes sismiques

14 May | CBC News
Virtual reality game immerses players in tsunami

11 May | Science World at TELUS World of Science
#OdySci Profile: Dr. Kate Moran

9 May | UVic News
Cool tech, hot research at UVic Tech Summit showcase

4 May | BBC Future “Mega Builds”
A titanic network to monitor the ocean

3 May | National Observer
Tsleil-Waututh Nation take to the seafloor to study Burrard Inlet's acidity

Spring 2018 | Journal of Ocean Technology
Arctic observations: The importance of Arctic monitoring

29 April | Victoria Times Colonist
In defence of the Salish Sea

18 April | Royal Society Open Science
Drivers of temporal beta diversity of a benthic community in a seasonally hypoxic fjord

17 April | UVic News
More eyes on the ocean

13 April | Haida Gwaii Observer
New technology aims to track earthquakes and tsunami in real-time

13 April | Victoria Times Colonist
In video, Trudeau hits beach with head of Ocean Networks Canada

12 April | Peak FM Radio
Alberni benefits from tsunami research

11 April | International Council for Science
World Data System international technology office to open in Canada

11 April | UVic News
UVic plans to dazzle at B.C.’s biggest annual technology event

11 April | UVic News
Masterminds lectures return for 2018

9 April | Teledyne Marine
Innovative electrical optical flying leads help Ocean Networks Canada

6 April | CHEK TV News
Alert Ready tsunami warning system launches in B.C. but when will early earthquake warnings?

2 April | Victoria News
MP Report: Defending our oceans

1 April | Victoria Times Colonist
Learn about tsunami preparedness

25 March | Victoria Times Colonist
When art meets science

23 March | UVic News
When art meets science: A student-created interactive orca sculpture fuses art, ocean data and climate change concerns

23 March | CTV Vancouver Island
Scientists puzzled over cholera outbreak on Vancouver Island

23 March | Lethbridge News Now
Titanic revelations from Dr. Robert Ballard at “Greatness in Leadership” conference

19 March | North Island Gazette
Ocean expedition explores never-before-seen depths on B.C.’s central coast

12 March | SciShow
Three of the biggest science experiments ever: No. 1 – Ocean Networks Canada’s NEPTUNE offshore cabled observatory (starts at 0:43)

9 March | North Coast Review
B.C.’s Parliamentary Secretary for Emergency Preparedness provides update on earthquake, tsunami warning systems

7 March | CBC ICI Radio-Canada
Exploration des fonds marins du Pacifique

7 March | CBC ICI Radio-Canada
Les fjords de la Colombie-Britannique explorés comme jamais

March 2018 | UVic knowlEDGE
When art meets science: A student-created interactive orca sculpture fuses art, ocean data and climate change concerns

March 2018 | Oceanography Magazine
New frontiers in ocean exploration 2017: Wiring the Abyss in the northeast Pacific

25 February | UVic News
Coastal connections: UVic's national ocean observatory facility takes its innovative science to B.C. communities

25 February | Victoria Times Colonist
Coastal connections

21 February | Victoria News
Tsunami 101 on course for UVic

19 February | Nunavut News
Artist drawn to lead and ink

18 February | La Presse
Des abysses pleines de vie

9 February | Terrace Standard
Conference for young women aims to inspire pursuit of careers in science, technology

8 February | Victoria Times Colonist
Scientists gather to push for data on ocean acidification

6 February | Victoria News
Ocean Networks Canada and ROPOS sub work together

2 February | Northern View
The case for tsunami sirens in Prince Rupert

1 February | UVic Ring
ONC sensors monitor Alaska earthquake

February 2018 | UVic knowlEDGE
Coastal connections: UVic's national ocean observatory facility takes its innovative science to B.C. communities

30 January | CHEK TV News
Celestial event brings supermoon, tides and eclipse to Victoria (starts at 0:51)

29 January | Toronto Star
Skies align to bring super moon, lunar eclipse and king tides together

29 January | National Post
Super blue blood moon, lunar eclipse and king tides: The West Coast and Hawaii are in for quite a night

29 January | Globe and Mail
Super moon, lunar eclipse, king tides combine for powerful event

28 January | Victoria Times Colonist
Underwater sensor system helps in early quake detection

24 January | CHEK TV News
Tsunami warning on Vancouver Island sparks concern over preparedness (starts at 0:44)

23 January | Globe and Mail
B.C.'s tsunami that wasn't: Why scientists know when a wave will hit—but not its size

23 January | CTV Vancouver Island
Tsunami warning cancelled in B.C. after large earthquake strikes off Alaska (starts at 4:17)

23 January | CBC “The National”
Tsunami warning: Was enough done to warn B.C.? (starts at 5:02)

19 January | Castanet
Giant waves pound Island

18 January | CTV Vancouver Island
9.5-metre waves recorded as gale-force winds slam Tofino and Ucluelet

12 January | Robotics Tomorrow
Cellula Robotics Ltd. successfully demonstrates its Imotus-1 hovering autonomous underwater vehicle

3 January | UVic Ring
Local knowledge, community needs drive Arctic sea ice research

3 January | CBC Radio
Arctic research initiative targets historical knowledge to track climate change


27 December | Victoria Times Colonist
UVic ocean-science project widens to Nunavut

15 December | UVic News
Local knowledge, needs will drive Arctic sea ice research

14 December | Hakai Magazine
New underwater sensors to watch for the Big One

6 December |
Biodiversity surprises at bubbly deep-sea cold seeps along Cascadia fault

6 December | WhaTech
Research delivers insight into the marine big data market

4 December | Douglas Magazine
Ocean Networks Canada's CEO Dr. Kate Moran talks climate change, acidification and changing coastlines

1 December | CBC Radio-Canada
Cette faille qui pose un risque de séismes sur la côte ouest

26 November | Victoria Times Colonist
When every second counts

21 November | The Tyee
Oceans are the new front line in the fight against climate change

21 November | Globe and Mail
Earthquake warning systems: Getting a bead on the Big One

20 November | Vancouver Sun
Port of Vancouver’s ECHO program dedicated to protecting marine life

13 November | CBC News “Power & Politics”
‘We have unleashed a mass extinction event’

10 November | Eos Earth and Space Science News
Sounding the black smoker plumes

9 November | Aftonbladet (Swedish)
Här är havsmysteriet som förbryllar forskarna (pyrsomes video)

9 November |
Technologies shine spotlight on climate role of undersea canyons

8 November | UVic News
Federal investment in ONC enhances coastal monitoring

8 November | Ocean News & Technology
A worldwide survey of recent ocean observatory activities: 2017 update

5 November | Victoria Times Colonist
BBC series to feature footage of deep-sea vents off Island

2 November | UVic Martlet
Diving under the surface of UVic’s submarine clubs

November 2017 | Pacific Yachting Magazine
Ocean Networks Canada recruits citizen scientists

25 October | Victoria Times Colonist
Scientist goes deep to solve ocean, climate link

20 October | Victoria Times Colonist
Sensors buy time in event Vancouver Island is hit by tsunami

18 October | Victoria News
Window to the Salish Sea in place at Cattle Point

12 October | UVic News
Innovation grants support UVic research observatories

11 October | Maclean’s 2018 university guide and rankings
University of Victoria profile

11 October | Victoria News
UVic receives funds to study southern killer whales

11 October | Vancouver Sun
Vessel noise is reducing ability of killer whales to hunt by about 25 per cent, new research suggests

11 October | CBC News Vancouver
Frustrations mount over dwindling B.C. orca population at DFO symposium

11 October | National Post
Government announces funds to improve underwater listening in B.C. waters

11 October | CBC News "Power & Politics"
Are we at risk of losing the southern resident killer whale population?

11 October | UVic News
Major investment will enhance emergency response, protect marine mammals

24 September | Santiago Times
Canada to develop earthquake early warning system

24 September | Victoria Times Colonist
Mexico’s powerful earthquakes deliver lessons for Victoria

21 September | Victoria Times Colonist
New home for Ocean Networks Canada takes shape

21 September | CBC Radio-Canada International
Columbia Británica se prepara para El Terremoto

20 September |  Global BC News
Mexico had an early warning system for its big quake. Vancouver doesn’t yet

20 September |  CTV News
B.C.'s earthquake warning system still 2 years away

20 September | CBC News
'It was scary really': Mexicans in B.C. anxious in aftermath of earthquake

20 September | Northern View
Rupert port to collaborate with $50.8 million government data program

19 September | Public Radio International
Climate change brings melting ice, and cruise passengers, to a small town in Canada's north

14 September | American Journal of Transportation
Don Krusel retires from helm of Port of Prince Rupert

12 September | Victoria News
ShakeZone offers safety tips, resources at UVic

8 September | Victoria News
Quake Cottage tours south Island region

7 September | Scientific Reports
The oceanic biological pump: Rapid carbon transfer to depth at continental margins during winter

5 September | National Observer
Liberals struggling to reverse Harper's cuts to climate science

4 September | High North News
Diving into the Arctic Ocean's wonders

31 August | Nunatsiaq Online
Diving head first into a sea of Arctic knowledge

27 August | CBC News
Underwater livestream from Arctic Ocean to be Canadian 1st

19 August | Times Colonist
Live-streamed underwater dives will offer watery window on Arctic life

2 August | CBC News North
Canadian military developing surveillance system to monitor Arctic waters

27 July | Hackaday
Telepresence Robot 2000 Leagues Under the Sea

27 June | CTV News
Scientists say Pacific warm water 'blob' is gone – for now

22 June | The Guardian
Millions of mysterious 'sea pickles' swamp US west coast

21 June | Hakai Magazine
Quiet Please, the Fish Are Flirting

21 June | Business Insider
Millions of glowing tropical sea creatures have started to appear in the Pacific Northwest

20 June | Radio Canada International
Canada’s Marine Protected Areas: more scientific input and protection needed

20 June |
Bizarre asexual, glow-in-the-dark sea creatures invade Pacific

18 June | CBC News British Columbia
Millions of tropical sea creatures invade waters off B.C. coast

5 June | UVic News
Citizen scientists are the future for our oceans

26 May | CBC News
Donald Trump's proposed earthquake early warning budget cut could impact B.C.

25 May | Times Colonist
Feds to protect underwater landscape off Vancouver Island

25 April | Northern View
Video: Live data under the sea

6 April | Hakai Magazine
Listen to How Loud the Sea Is

April | Canada's Fundamental Science Review 2017
Investing in Canada's Future: Strengthening the Foundations of Canadian Research

28 March | Marine Technology News
Observatory Upgrade for Ocean Networks Canada

20 March | Oceanology Magazine
New Frontiers in Ocean Exploration: The E/V Nautilus, NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer, and R/V Falkor 2016 Field Season

20 March | Oceanology Magazine
New Frontiers in Ocean Exploration: The E/V Nautilus, NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer, and R/V Falkor 2016 Field Season

2 March | Nanaimo News Now
Early earthquake warning system in the works for B.C.

23 February |
Warming temperatures could trigger starvation, extinctions in deep oceans

23 February | The Guardian
Deep sea life faces dark future due to warming and food shortage

21 February | The Vancouver Sun
Opinion: ECHO Program takes heed of underwater noise and marine life

3 February | Science Magazine
An ecosystem-based deep-ocean strategy

1 February | UVic News
CFI funding for ONC

18 January | Times Colonist
Feds boost plan to relocate UVic's Ocean Networks Canada

10 January | Canadian Underwriter Magazine
Research on earthquakes, tsunamis and climate change to benefit from federal investment of $46.6 million to Ocean Networks Canada

9 January | Globe and Mail
Big science receives $328-million boost from Ottawa

9 January | Radio Canada International
Canada gives ocean observatories a multi-million-dollar grant

9 January | The Star
Canada invests $46M in University of Victoria ocean science facility

9 January | Times Colonist
UVic ocean science gets $46M injection

9 January | Saanich News
Canada invests $46 million in University of Victoria ocean science facility


15 December | TV5
Terres d'Explorations Ep 3: Volcans, retour aux Origines

7 December | Nunatsiaq Online
November’s Arctic ice cover dips to new monthly low

November/December | ECO Magazine
Sustainable Development: Submarine cables in the marine environment

8 November | The Star
Orca protection part of $1.5B marine plan, says Liberal MP

8 November | Saanich News
New facilities for Port Hardy, Port Renfrew and Victoria part of Oceans Protection Plan

8 November | CTV News
Ottawa says killer whale protection part of $1.5 billion marine protection plan

8 November | Times Colonist
New life boat stations, large-mammal avoidance system for Island waters

26 October | National Observer
Canadian fisheries minister ends government’s longstanding secrecy about oceans

26 October | iPolitics
LeBlanc releases key data on fish stocks

20 October | News 1130
Earthquake early warning system closer to completion

20 October | Saanich News
Quake early warning systems slowly taking shape

20 October | Nanaimo Bulletin
Quake early warning systems slowly taking shape

20 October | Maple Ridge News
Quake early warning systems slowly taking shape

12 October | CBC News British Columbia
B.C. not using earthquake warning technology, says engineers

11 October | CBC Radio
Johanna Wagstaffe Podcast: Fault Lines, Episode 1

10 October | Globe and Mail
Opinion: The ocean economy: Canada could be a global superpower

16 September | UVic News
CANARIE invests in new software tools for scientific research

September | Ocean News & Technology
A Worldwide Survey of Recent Ocean Observatory Activities 2016 Update

4 August | The Oregonian
Canada might be able to save us when the massive Cascadia subduction-zone earthquake hits

4 August | Globe and Mail
A groundbreaking effort against 'the big one'

4 August | Globe and Mail
How a massive quake would shake Canada's financial system

August | TsuInfo Alert
New Modeling Integrated into Port Alberni’s Exercise Coastal Response

21 July | CBC News
First B.C. offshore earthquake early warning sensor up and running

17 June | Northern View
Keeping oceans safe on the North Coast

14 June | Times Colonist
Comment: B.C. leading in climate-change initiatives

8 June | Port Metro
PortTV: People of the Port - Echo Program

7 June | Douglas Magazine
Ocean Sciences Looks at Climate Change (Web Extra)

5 June | Vancouver Sun
Opinion: Get to know the ocean

4 June | Times Colonist
Monique Keiran: We should look more deeply at the sea

4 June | CBC
What happens when a giant robot meets a little octopus

2 June | Pique
Imagine this: when the Big One hits

20 May | Mail Online
That’s mine! Watch the hilarious moment an octopus plays tug of war with an underwater ROBOT to defend a cable it called home

20 May | Motherboard
These Photos Were Snapped by a Giant Seafloor Observatory Deep in the Pacific

19 May | Motherboard
The Bizarre Link Between the Fort McMurray Fire and a 'Warm Blob' in the Pacific

10 May | Shaw TV
Ocean Networks May 10 Bridge #1

03 May | Pacific Yachting
ONC Celebrates 10 Years With Three New Observatories

18 March | UVic News
ONC installs new ocean observatory at Campbell River

4 March | UVic News
When every second counts...

1 March | CTV BC
New underwater quake sensors could sound early alarm off BC coast 

29 February | UVic News
Supporting seismic science: Early warning systems

29 February | Global News at 6
BC investing in earthquake early warning systems 

29 February | CBC News Vancouver at 6 (at 17:35)
 BC provides $5 million to enhance earthquake early warning

29 February | Province of BC
Supporting seismic science: early warning systems

4 February | The Weather Network
Millions spent on preparation for next Canadian ‘Big One’

2 February | Globe and Mail
BC's earthquake preparedness progressing slowly, expert says

2 February | La Presse Canadienne
Craignant un séisme majeur, la Colombie-Britannique se prepare 

2 January | Toronto Star
Pacific Blob breaking up

1 January | Douglas Magazine
Local organizations that are changing the world


27 November | Maclean's    
The Interview: What the blob tells us about ocean warming

15 October | Victoria Times Colonist
Vic Students Shake Out Earthquake Warning System 

15 September | Globe and Mail
Listening station in the Strait of Georgia

27 August |
Deepsea Robots livestream ocean floor landscapes

24 August | UVic News
App helps citizen scientists collect ocean data

22 August |
Ocean Explorer Robert Ballard joins ONC Expedition 

30 July | UVic News
Ocean Networks Canada teams up with BC Ferries to monitor Canada’s busiest waterway

21 July  | Victoria Times Colonist 
The secret scientific life of BC Ferries

23 June | Globe and Mail
B.C. ocean observation project useful for oil industry: report

3 June |
App helps citizen scientists collect ocean data

4 April | The Economist
Wiring the world below

1 March | Victoria Times Colonist
Imagination rules at University of Victoria’s Ideafest

1 February | Seaside Magazine
“Ocean Aware” challenge event


21 November | 2014  CBC News
Record North Pacific temperatures threatening B.C. marine species

5 November | Victoria Times Colonist
UVic ocean research team dives into tidal technology

4 November | UVic News
Ocean Networks Canada now hosts data from all three oceans

18 August | The Atlantic  
Listening In: the Navy is Tracking Ocean Sounds collected by Scientists

13 August | UVic News
Mini-Observatory Keeps Eye On Arctic Sea Ice

10 July | Power-Technology
Fire ice: Canada's Ocean Networks explain the science behind the hype

6 July | Ars Technica
Deep-Sea Streaming: 500-mile NEPTUNE cabling brings Internet to the ocean floor

5 June | CTV Vancouver Island News
ONC doc "Reaching Blue" debuts in Victoria 

5 June | UVic News
Getting “smart” under the sea

4 June |
Super tough vent camera keeps tabs on undersea aliens

27 May | UVic News
Join a digital fishing derby—no experience required!

20 May | Times Colonist
Sensors will warn of earthquakes affecting Vancouver Island

15 April | Digital Journal
IBM technology underpins the "smartest coast on the planet"

14 April | Times Colonist
$20 million flowing to ocean technologies

3 April | Times Colonist
How Chile’s earthquake helps Victoria scientists

2 April | Astrobiology Web
University of Georgia Researchers to Monitor Deep-sea Plumes

14 March | Pacific Yachting
Revealing the Salish Sea's Secrets

10 January | UVic News
Ottawa invests in ocean commercialization centre


19 October | Science News Magazine
Deep Network - Real Time Monitoring of the Seafloor Reveals Unexpected Links

11 October | The Globe and Mail
Immodest proposals: Five leaders on what the government’s priorities should be

23 September | CBC News
Arctic Research Station Goes Global

10 September | UVic News
An ocean full of change at Ocean Networks Canada

5 September | UVic News
Ocean Networks Canada and Schmidt Ocean Institute team up for leading science research

26 August | Victoria Times Colonist
Undersea observatory reveals whats in the ocean off the coast of Vancouver Ssland

18 July | Radio Canada Int'l
Unique Canadian effort to monitor ocean activity full time

14 June | UVic News
Voices from the deep: 2013 Ocean Networks Canada season features live audio-video portal

10 May | Times Colonist
Seafloor drilling tool could unlock mysteries of gas hydrates

29 March | Arctic Sounder
Scientists discuss Arctic's new normal

26 March | Marine Link
Undersea Laboratory Cable Array Repaired

26 March | Robotics Tomorrow
OceanWorks and ONC Engineers Return VENUS Coastal Network to Operation

26 March | PRWeb
OceanWorks and ONC Engineers Return VENUS Coastal Network to Operation

22 March | Times Colonist
Crabs hint at vast potential of an untapped fuel

1 February | The Atlantic
The Sea Monster of Donetsk

30 January | Radio Free Europe
Ukrainian Teen's 'Monster' Sighting Leads To Unique Undersea Video

28 January | Yahoo News Canada
Teen marine-biology buff makes discovery via undersea webcam off BC Coast

28 January | UVic News
Ukrainian teen discovers unusual hagfish-slurping seal via NEPTUNE video stream

28 January | CBC BC
Ukrainian teen makes rare discovery on B.C.'s ocean floor

26 January | Times Colonist
Ukrainian teen solves deep-sea mystery off Vancouver Island

8 January | EOS
Canada's Cabled Ocean Networks Humming Along

2 January | Times Colonist
Smartphone app aims to track debris from deadly Japanese tsunami

2 January |
Seafloor Observatory Reveals Arctic Ocean Environment


December 2012 | Boulevard
From White House to West Coast: Kate Moran  (p.28-31)

29 November | Times Colonist
Tsunami app helps track where debris washes up

6 November | atGuelph
Under-the-Sea Lab Provides Data for Landlocked Biologists

5 October | Vancouver Sun
Science, engineering help unravel mysteries in Strait of Georgia (with video)

4 October | UVic News
Ocean Networks Canada to monitor ocean turbines in Bay of Fundy

3 October | Times Colonist
Neptune project gets $41.7M boost in government funds

13 September | UVic News
Ocean Networks Canada To Monitor Ocean Turbines In Bay Of Fundy

16 August | PRWeb
OceanWorks International Increases VENUS Ocean Observatory Capability

27 June | UVic News
Ocean Engineer Heads UVic's World-Leading Ocean Observatory Initiative

24 June | UVic News
NEPTUNE Canada begins installation of tsunami detection array

23 May | UVic News
Deep Sea Digital Guide Offers Rare Glimpses Of Ocean Life

19 April | Vancouver Sun
The most remarkable place on Earth

1 March | The Guardian
Cruise the NE Pacific with the Ocean Networks Canada Observatory

31 January | PRWeb
OceanWorks Takes Lead In the Expansion of the VENUS Seafloor Network Project


29 December | PRI's The World
Understanding Noise Pollution in the Oceans

24 November | SubSea World News
Technicians Successfully Complete NEPTUNE Canada’s Underwater Network Repair

8 November | UVic News
Grad student explores the mysteries of the deep sea

4 October | gCaptain
The Ocean Network: Oceanographers enable a high speed connection to the mysteries of the deep sea

14 September | UVic News
NEPTUNE Canada Listed Among Top 10 "Most Epic Science Projects"

31 July | SubSea World News
Canada: Neptune Completes Investigation of Their 800-km Cabled Network Along Northern Juan de Fuca Plate

27 July | UVic News
Ocean Engineer to Head UVic's Neptune Canada

17 July | Popular Science
Big Science: The Universe's Ten Most Epic Projects

13 June | UVic News
Trawler damages part of NEPTUNE Canada network

9 May | UVic News
UVic’s ocean observatory helps BC prepare for The Big One

11 March | UVic News
Neptune Canada Tracks Tsunami Data

28 February | Agence Sciences-Presse
Océans 2.0


21 October |
NEPTUNE: Historic Ocean Observatory Completed

15 October | UVic News
Team Completes World-First Ocean Observatory

15 October |
Team completes world-first ocean observatory

22 September | Wired
Ocean observatories: Marine science without the boat

7 September | National Science Foundation
Subseafloor Observatories Installed to Run Dynamic Experiments

4 August | Nature
Harnessing telecoms cables for science

20 April | Nature News
Undersea project delivers data flood

12 March |
U.S., Canada Partnership Expands Ocean Research

4 March | BBC
Dead pigs used to investigate 'dead zones'


14 December | Discover Magazine
Fiber-Optic Link Brings Undersea Science Data Onto the Web

9 December | UVic News
NEPTUNE Canada Ocean Observatory Goes Live

8 December | Scientific American
The Cyber Sea: World's Largest Internet Undersea Science Station Boots Up

3 July | CTV News
Canada launches live undersea B.C. observatory

3 July | The Globe and Mail
Keeping watch on the planet from the bottom up

17 March | UVic News
Backgrounder: Government Of Canada Announces New Ocean Research Centre In Victoria

8 January | CBC News
Science 2.0: New online tools may revolutionize research


18 June | New Scientist
Forensics ventures beneath the waves

25 May | Toronto Star
We're on top, down below


15 November | The Economist
Visiting Neptune’s kingdom

24 August | Radio-Canada
L'Île de Sein entre en scène

27 July | BBC News
Exploring the last frontier


23 June |
Seafloor observatory opens portal to the Pacific