Marine Institute Holyrood

The Holyrood Subsea Observatory was installed by The Fisheries and Marine Institute of Memorial University and their partner Ocean Networks Canada in February 2021 to enable real-time monitoring of the ocean and marine life in Conception Bay. Located approximately four kilometres north of the Marine Institute’s Holyrood Marine Base, the observatory sits in water depths of 85 metres. It sends real-time data via a fibre-optic cable on the seafloor. The observatory is expandable and will also serve as a development, testing, and demonstration facility for subsea instrumentation intended for harsh environment operation. The observatory is also part of the larger SmartBay Holyrood initiative. SmartBay Holyrood includes moored buoys, a shore-based weather station, and subsea infrastructure intended to provide a controlled test environment for underwater vehicles, ideal for training and testing. The cabled observatory was designed and built by ONC.

SmartAtlantic live data:

Setting: Holyrood, Conception Bay

Studies: sea state, meteorological conditions, shipping monitoring