Expedition Logs


SeaScribe is a dive logging tool developed by ONC to support field operations and expeditions. SeaScribe is easily implemented on different ships that ONC uses to conduct field work, and supports logging dives on many different Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV). Dive logs created in SeaScribe are integrated with SeaTube, the video portal developed by ONC to archive dive videos combined with their dive logs, navigational data, and metadata.

Typically, SeaScribe can be set up remotely on any ship, and the system supports simultaneous dive loggers, ships, and ROVs that may be required for operations. SeaScribe tracks many aspects of dive metadata, including ships used, geographic area, duration, chief scientist and logger identification. Observations can be created using free text or can adhere to syntax and controlled vocabularies in several drop down windows. Standard tags can also be added to observations and improve search and discovery of information within the logs. Each dive log observation created in SeaScribe is UTC time-stamped. If navigational data is archived in Oceans 2.0, each observation is also georeferenced with a latitude, longitude, depth and heading.

For more information, view the IEEE article on SeaScribe: An Annotation Software for Remotely Operated Vehicle Dive Operations

SeaTube Pro

SeaTube is video portal developed by ONC and organizes thousands of hours of video collected from expeditions, instruments on the seafloor, and time lapse videos generated from on shore camera footage. SeaTube allows videos to be searched and viewed sorting by Expedition, Dive and Location. Annotations can be added to videos in SeaTube at any time after they are archived, and annotations can be searched to skip to particular moments within a selected video. SeaTube also has tools to create video playlists, create framegrabs of interesting moments within a video and access high resolution digital still images obtained from instruments, and ROV cameras.

SeaTube and SeaScribe are also highly integrated. Dive logs created in SeaScribe are synced with SeaTube video obtained from ROV cameras. Selecting any log entry in SeaScribe generates a framegrab of the highest resolution video that has been time stamped and archived in SeaTube for that dive log entry.

Marine Life Field Guide

The Marine Life Field Guide was developed by ONC to help dive loggers describe and identify biology seen during ROV dives in the deep sea environment. The guide is updated regularly with new pictures and video clips that are obtained during ONC expeditions. Some of the strange species encountered during offshore expeditions include flapjack octopus, sea spiders, and bloody belly comb jellies. Many of the organisms found in the Marine Life Field Guide spend their entire lives at depths of over 1000m!

The second version of the guide is available for free via the Apple iBooks App and in PDF.