Data Facilities

Data Centre

The Ocean Networks Canada data centre is located at the University of Victoria (UVIC). The ONC data centre has several roles as ONC observatories continuously acquire and archive massive amounts of data each day. The Oceans 3.0 data portal, which is developed and maintained by software engineers, provides access to archived data and can allow technicians, scientists and PI to configure and control instruments via web-based tools. Software engineers based out of the data centre are continually developing and improving Oceans 3.0. Observatory systems analysts are also at the data centre monitoring the subsea infrastructure and instruments, and can often detect and trigger automated responses during network events.

Shore Stations

Ocean Networks Canada observatories have shore stations which provide power and communications to the observatories. Shore stations located in Port Alberni, Sidney, and Vancouver, British Columbia provide a connection between the land and subsea portions of ONC observatories. Each shore station has power feed equipment that converts the utility AC power to high voltage DC. The backbone cables supply 1,200 to 10,000 V DC power depending on the length of the backbone cable. Network equipment in the shore stations handle routing, switching, optical multiplexing and precise time synchronization within the network.