Information for Mariners


High-voltage cables, instruments and infrastructure are in place on the seafloor and in the water column. There is a potential impact on marine activities.

Locations of orange boxes on the maps below indicate extents of information for mariners documents available for download.



Shore Stations, Submarine Cables, Nodes, Instrument Systems

Ocean Networks Canada installations are helping to monitor, study, and better understand our coastal marine environment. The on-site infrastructure consists of shore stations, armoured submarine cables, observatory nodes and connected observatory instrument systems.

  • Shore stations provide high voltage DC current to the node and instruments via a copper conductor, and Ethernet communications via optic fibres, both housed in an armoured marine telecommunications rated cable.
  • Node and instrument systems are large multi-ton platforms, housing pressure cans and delicate scientific instruments.

Cable corridors and instrument sites have been cordoned off for network use through regulatory permits. We appreciate your cooperation in avoiding these areas. Although most gear is mounted on the bottom, there are mid-water column moorings and surfacing profilers connected to the network in Saanich Inlet, Barkley Canyon and the Juan de Fuca Strait.

Our cable routes and instrument coordinates are available in the downloads section at right. If other formats or information are required, please contact us via this form.


24-hr Emergency Contact

In event of fishing gear entanglement or other emergency incident, please call our 24-hr emergency line: 250-721-7599.

Help us notify you!

We are making a contact list for the fishing community. If you want to be notified by email about our installation, operations and maintenance cruises, please contact us, including the following information:

  • Name
  • Fishery participation (i.e. trawl)
  • Vessel name

Your information will remain confidential, and your email address will only be used by Ocean Networks Canada for updates to operations and laid cable positions.