Getting Involved

It’s easy and free. You can participate in, access, and use Ocean Networks Canada's observatories in several ways.  Anyone  can browse, download and  use the open data from the NEPTUNE, VENUS, and Arctic observatories for research purposes. To learn how to access data go to the data help and get data pages. Our Staff Scientists are here to help you explore the numerous opportunities and assist you in reaching your research objectives, whether initiating new research programs, joining an existing community of engaged scientists, or preparing a new research proposal. If you are a teacher, graduate student or supervisor and wish to access our systems for educational purposes, our Learning and Education section can assist you with a range of  honours, undergraduate, and graduate level projects that, under your supervisions and with the support of our staff scientists, can be completed with minimal to no cost. 

Other ways to get involved

  • Join one of our research teams spanning a wide range of disciplinary themes or active research topics.
  • Visit the ONC Science Hub to learn about active areas of science and collaboration.
  • Join an existing Working Group or suggest a new one.
  • Work with us to prepare a new proposed project on one of the observatories.
  • Propose or participate in a workshop. Contact a scientist or check out our calendar to find out where we will be.

For additional information, contact one of our staff scientists.