Marine Life Field Guide

The Marine Life Field Guide, second edition, is a visual reference guide introducing the deep-sea creatures of the north-east Pacific Ocean. These species—some newly discovered or little-known—are observed through cameras installed on the Ocean Networks Canada subsea observatories, as well as during semi-annual expeditions. Undersea videos are captured by remotely-operated vehicles (ROVs) diving to almost three kilometres below the ocean surface, where lifeforms thrive in complete darkness.

In this edition, we have added more than 100 new images (including 43 species not included in the first edition) for a total of 270 images. The species range from the flapjack octopus to the bloody-belly comb jellies; from delicate sea spiders in hydrothermal vents to otherworldly sea cucumbers on the seafloor. More than half of the pictures were taken at depths of over 1,000 metres.

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