Science Themes

The Science Plan is organized under four themes, for which Ocean Networks Canada has appointed science theme leaders from the research community who are particularly engaged in the ongoing experiments:

1. Understanding Human-Induced Change in the Northeast Pacific Ocean

Theme leader: Jim (James) Christian, Canadian Centre for Climate Modelling and Analysis, University of Victoria

2. Life in the Environments of the Northeast Pacific Ocean and Salish Sea

Theme leader: Jacopo Aguzzi, Institut de Ciénces del Mar, Barcelona

3. Interconnections Among the Seafloor, Ocean, and Atmosphere

Theme leader: Laurence Coogan, University of Victoria

4. Seafloor and Sediment in Motion

Theme leader: Pere Puig, Institut de Ciénces del Mar

Each theme poses several key scientific questions, describes why each question is important, and explains how Ocean Networks Canada can contribute to answering the question.